Veronika Švédová – about me

 I was born in 1984 in Brno, where I studied at High School of Applied Arts Textile- major modeling and fashion design.

Since 20014 I have systematically been creating, especially for Moravian galleries.

I gained training for figurative work under the leading of prof. Strýčková. Sense of color and composition of the image I got after my mother, a painter Helena Švédová, under whose leadership I've created my own style, which combines plastic ornaments in bright, distinctive colors along with classical figurative work. I formed with the technique oil on canvas by using plastic components.

Influence on my work also had a decorative painting by Alfons Mucha - his ornamental motifs and color resolution of the picture, but in a new concept. Indeed ornament may be my respect for the traditions of Czech folk art or the work of our classics (Josef Manes, Mikoláš Aleš).


malířka Veronika Švédová